T3G Alums

Welcome to the T3G alumni zone. This is where to find important info for T3G alums. This page is only accessible by typing in the specific address http://esriurl.com/t3galums. We want to make it easy for you to get to from any device but hard for others, without requiring a login.

For any questions relating to T3G, you can reach all three of Laura, Joseph, and Charlie together via "t3g‑institute_at_esri.com" (note the hyphen, and replace "_at_" with @).

T3G Listserv

  • Contribute by sending email to "t3g-group_at_esri.com" (note the hyphen, and replace "_at_" with @).
  • Only participating email addresses can send mail into the list.
  • All participants in T3G are automatically registered in the list upon conclusion of T3G.
  • Please focus contributions on issues relating to T3G -- geotechnologies and their use in education, instruction about these technologies, and discussions about education.
  • This is an excellent "personal learning network" with which to develop professionally. Collaborations across T3G are heartily encouraged!
  • If you have any issues surrounding participation in the list or need to change addresses, contact Charlie.

T3G Webinars

T3G Organization Subscription Account on ArcGIS Online

  • http://esrit3g.maps.arcgis.com
  • Administered by Laura, Joseph, and Charlie, all reachable via "t3g-institute_at_esri.com".
  • All T3G participants have been invited to join this ArcGIS Online Organization for conduct of T3G-related activities.
  • Login to the Org:
    • Generally "t3g##_FirstnameLastname", where ## is the year of first participation in T3G, starting with "09".  Note also the underscore.
    • T3G years 2012 onward used the Org during T3G and should continue using your existing login. You are in the Org at "Publisher" level.
    • T3G years 2009/10/11 were invited to earn their way in by building some AGO maps. If you want to earn your way in, contact Charlie. You can earn "Publisher" level.
    • If you have login troubles, contact Charlie.

Use of the Org:

  • T3Gers may use this Org and your login to it as a "sandbox" in which to explore and learn processes such as publishing services or trying out an Esri software capacity for which an ArcGIS Online Org login is required.
  • The Org should not be used as a long-term "production account" for projects.
  • The Org may be used to let participants at a training sign into a unique account and experience capacities of an Org.
    • There are 99 generic "student" accounts, using logins t3gs101 - t3gs199
    • Passwords are "t3gs_###" (note the underscore in the password) where ### corresponds with the number in the login.
    • In order to track usage, avoid competition, and prevent deletion of important files, usage of these accounts should be "reserved" via http://esriurl.com/T3GorgLoginResForm.
    • To see if accounts are available, see the schedule of reservations at http://esriurl.com/T3GorgLoginTally.
    • Contents of these folders will be emptied irregularly, with inspection only of the reservation info, so people should not rely on these logins except for the span of the trainings, and be sure to use the reservation page.

T3G Action Plan

  • All T3G participants created an Action Plan for the 12 months following T3G. We ask you to do your best to follow through on it, and report on your experiences. We rely on you to help build geographic thinking and geotech skills among educators and the world.
  • If you have not yet submitted an action plan, please do. Send to "t3g-institute_at_esri.com".
  • If you have not yet reported on an experience, please do. Send to the listserv so all may learn.
  • If you have an event coming up that is open to participation by a broad community, be sure to post it at http://edcommunity.esri.com/calendar.
  • You should create/update your personal profile on the EdCommunity: http://edcommunity.esri.com/connect-with-others/profile-directory
  • Keep tabs on the Esri EdCommunity blog at http://edcommunity.esri.com/blog. See the full array of Esri blogs at http://blogs.esri.com. Tweet/Like/Share/Email the individual entries. Post public comments.

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