Web Mapping

  1. ArcGIS Online

    Launch into a world of maps, apps, and online sharing. To save data here, a user must have an account and be signed in. Create a free, public account and get started today.

  2. ArcGIS.com Map Viewer

    Explore the map-making tool for ArcGIS Online! Maps from world level down to neighborhood can be saved and shared via ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop for more capacity, or embedded in websites. This is a Javascript-based viewer, so it works in any browsers including mobile devices. No plug-ins needed.

  3. Gallery Collections

    These links will take you to groups of online maps

  4. Storytelling with Maps

    Explore a variety of topics in a various presentations and see different strategies for combining interactive maps and text to tell a story.

  5. Find Your Latitude-Longitude with this Geocoder

    Latitude-Longitude Finder

    This geocoder allows you to find a latitude-longitude by dragging the map to a selected location, entering an address, or a placename. The cursor position is displayed in decimal degrees.

  6. Draw on your map to illustrate a concept and then save or print it.

    Sketch A Map

    Sketch A Map allows you to draw points, lines, polygons on top of the map. Use the Flash-based Sketch-A-Map for greater functionality.
  7. Elevation Profile Map Tool

    Use ArcGIS Online elevation data and create a profile by drawing a line, across the community or around the world, using the measure tool. After drawing the profile, move the mouse along the profile to see where the specific point is on the map.


    Landsat Viewers

    Explore change around the world 1975-2005 using data from Landsat. There are two web apps for working directly with the data; apps are based on Javascript so work on all browsers. Content can also be opened with ArcGIS.com MapViewer or desktop GIS.


    Topo Tour

    A great app for exploring topographic maps alongside high-resolution imagery!

  10. US Zipcode LookUp

    Retrieve demographic and social data by zipcode from around the U.S.

  11. Esri Disaster Response & Assistance

    Maps that are generated on as needed basis in response to global disasters. See individual apps to confirm mapping capacities and browser requirements.

  12. ArcGIS Community App Galleries

    This is a collection of map applications built by developers around the world, using Javascript, Silverlight, or Flex. See the different galleries for different application topics, capacities, scales, and browser requirements. Some are "works in progress," while others are finished apps.

  13. ArcGIS for Mobile

    Web-based mapping works where you do, on smartphones and tablets with cellular or WiFi connectivity. Downloadable apps for specific devices open up all the great online content.