Software & Data

Choosing the right software to use can be a small challenge, but that's good news! Each alternative has advantages. The "best" application for you depends on several factors: capacities needed, ease of use desired, hardware available, Internet access, and cost.

  1. ArcGIS Desktop

    ArcGIS for Desktop (Microsoft Windows)

  2. ArcGIS Explorer Desktop

    ArcGIS Explorer 

    • 2-D and 3-D in one app
    • Use local & online data
    • Download, install to desktop
    • Most powerful free app
  3. MapViewer

    Education Maps & Data at ArcGIS Online

    • Great intro mapping tool
    • Consistency across platforms
    • No plugin required
    • Free
  4. Customized Web apps

    Web Mapping 

    • Customized for specific tasks
    • Usually intuitive designs
    • Usually fast operation
    • Often free
  5. Mobile Mapping

    Mobile Mapping (platform specific)

    • Customized for small devices
    • Simplicity and capacity
    • Often free
  6. Adobe PDF Reader required.

    Software Quick View Chart

    A one-page chart comparing several Esri software solutions.

    Download now (103 KB)

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