GeoInquiries for Earth Science

GeoInquiries are designed to be fast and easy-to-use instructional resources that incorporate advanced web mapping technology. Each 15-minute activity in a collection is intended to be presented by the instructor from a single computer/projector classroom arrangement. No installation, fees, or logins are necessary to use these materials and software. For questions or concerns, email

Earth Science GeoInquiriesEarth Science GeoInquiries

The Earth Science GeoInquiry team:
  • Roger Palmer, SME/writer
  • Anita Palmer, SME/writer
  • Tom Baker, instructional designer/PM
  • GISetc, data and maps provider

What are educators saying about the Earth Science GeoInquiries?

"Excellent resource! Can't wait to implement strategies in my classroom!"

“I like that the activity asks a variety of questions - basic knowledge questions to comparing and contrasting that have [students] thinking about relationships.”

“I can use any of these topics right away when I get back to my classroom. I'll do the weather lesson next week!”