Using GIS To Analyze Oil and Gas Impacts

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Summary: In this activity, you will examine oil and gas wells and facilities in Colorado. Problem: After hearing about your excellent GIS skills, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has hired you to conduct an analysis of oil and natural gas development in Colorado and prepare a presentation to the US Department of Energy. Included in your analysis, among other items, must be an assessment of oil and gas wells, permits, and facilities within Colorado, oil and gas fields, land ownership status on heavily-drilled land, permits on US Forest Service land, and the percentage of oil and gas wells that are within 500 meters of rivers in Rio Blanco County, and analysis of the Pictured Cliffs Sandstone and San Juan Basin. 65 questions. GIS Skills Involved: 1. Making thematic maps in a GIS. 2. Spatial and attribute queries. 3. Map layout. 4. Buffering, intersecting, and clipping operations. 5. Spatial statistics. 6. Using GIS to analyze spatial data and make informed decisions. To begin: Open oil_gas_colo.mxd and use PDF or DOC for the activity.

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