Tea Cultivation in Kenya: Site Selection with GIS

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Selecting Sites for Tea Cultivation in Kenya with GIS Goal: To use GIS and the spatial framework to select suitable sites for growing tea in Kenya, and by extension, to understand the physical and cultural geography of Kenya, and how to analyze spatial data. Geospatial Skills 1) Tabular data joining, sort, query, and analysis. 2) Spatial data sort, query, and analysis. 3) Overlay and other geoprocessing operations. 4) Symbolizing and classifying data. 5) Making a decision in a GIS environment. Issue Tea is an important world cash crop, including for Kenya. The Kenya Tea Development Company is a cooperative of growers that represents 28% of Kenya’s total export earnings. It is the largest tea cooperative in the country. Over 400,000 growers are in its network, cultivating land that is over 86,000 hectares and produces over 700 million kg of tea annually. Hearing about your GIS skills, the Kenya Tea Development Company has hired you to select additional lands that might be suitable for tea cultivation, with specific characteristics.

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