Stormy Weather: Tornadoes, Wind, Hail

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Stormy Weather: Investigating One-Day Patterns of Tornadoes, Wind, and Hail Using ArcGIS Summary: In this lesson, you will use ArcGIS (version 10) and spatial analysis to investigate one day patterns of tornadoes, wind, and hail across the USA. In this activity, you will (1) examine a predetermined single day of tornado, wind, and hail in the USA using ArcGIS Desktop 10 software (22 April 2011), and (2) download and examine a different day of tornado, wind, and hail data of your own choosing. You will also use spatial statistics to help understand the pattern of the tornadoes, and you will also compare the pattern of your 1-day of tornadoes to historical tornadoes. Created 6 May 2011. Updated 15 May 2011. Answer key and revisions 29 Sep 2011. Updated 15 Mar 2012.

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