Sales Territory Design Creating Balanced Territories for the Sales Force

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Jeremy Morgan is a personal trainer in Columbus, Ohio. His clients commonly express frustration about the difficulty of maintaining exercise regimes at home and while traveling. In response, Jeremy has just perfected Gym in a Box, a collapsible device that combines a step machine with eight different resistance training exercises in a single unit. When collapsed, the system fits in a compact box that can be stored under a bed. The system may also be attached to a wall for increased stability and security. The majority of early customers are people buying for home use. However, several hotels and motels have also purchased Gym in a Box systems for installation in guest rooms. To build on robust sales in Columbus, Jeremy wishes to expand his marketing effort across the state by contracting with independent sales representatives in Ohio's major cities. Each rep would manage the sales effort in an assigned territory. Thus, Jeremy must implement a sales territory system to support his marketing strategy. He has retained your services as a business geographic information system (GIS) consultant to design this system. You will use web-based business GIS tools to design a territory system for the Gym in a Box sales force in Ohio. This lesson is a part of the Spatialabs collection.

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