Map Books and Map Museum GIS Career Activity

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In this activity, class participants (youth or adults) explore a GIS application and maps website to explore how and why GIS is used, and learn about careers in which GIS is used. The only requirements are a web browser and Internet connection. Suitable for students in secondary, university, or informal educational settings. Goals: (1) Understand why and how GIS is used in everyday decision-making. (2) Understand that GIS extends into careers far beyond geography. (3) Learn about the variety of scales, topics, and careers in which GIS is used. This activity was inspired by a related activity developed by my colleague George Dailey, ESRI.

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0 out of 50 stars from 1 reviews
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Wendell Fleming

The information is very interesting and relevant to the overal experience of GIS. It has a lot of references and activities including videos, exerpts and the like. However, even tho it is very informative, its not exactly the most interesting the thing in the world. It could add a lot more engaging aspects to it but other than that its fine.