Learning about Water-Food Production:ArcGIS Online

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Summary This activity uses ArcGIS Online, a Web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) (www.arcgis.com) as a tool for analyzing the geography and science of water from a spatial perspective. This activity focuses on water and food production. Detail This activity is written for upper secondary/university level but can be used at the lower secondary level, and can even be modified for primary levels. It can be used in formal or informal educational settings and in an independent or whole-class format. Time estimated: 1 class period of 50 minutes. No previous experience with GIS is necessary but (1) the geographic perspective is important, and (2) a background in the topic investigated would be helpful; at a minimum, a short discussion on the processes and phenomenon studied in each investigation should be held at the beginning; such as “How does water influence food production? What crops require the most water? How has irrigation influenced where and how much crops can be grown? Where in the world are crops irrigated, and where can they grow without irrigation?“

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