Land Use and Sustainability in Brazil Using GIS

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Rondonia Brazil

Assess the spatial pattern of land use and deforestation in Rond?nia, Brazil, and use an international public domain spatial data source. Skills Involved: 1) Downloading and formatting data from an international public domain data source for use in a GIS. 2) Downloading and formatting Landsat satellite imagery data for use in a GIS. 3) Analyzing spatial data in a problem-solving environment. 4) Integrating multiple sources into GIS-based analysis. After reading for years about development and deforestation in Brazil, with your new-found GIS skills, you decide to use GIS to investigate the situation on a deeper and on a spatial level. Your goal is to make an assessment about the pattern and reasons for development in one of the most widely known part of the rainforest, the state of Rond?nia, Brazil. You will use the Brazil Institute for Geography and Statistics (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica (IBGE)) for data layers, and the Global Land Cover Facility for Landsat data.

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