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Japanese Americans living in the "military zone" along the Pacific coast of the United States, were sent to internment centers throughout the western part of the country following the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the start of war in the Pacific in 1941. Internment followed on over a half century of discriminatory immigration and land ownership laws against Asians in general and Japanese immigrants specifically. It represents the degree to which racial and cultural intolerance can be carried when mixed with the fear and hysteria of war. And it was not formally recognized in the national conscience with an apology and reparations until nearly a half century after the war's conclusion. The history of the event represented in the documents included in the Japanese American Internment site is at once a story of immigration, significant constitutional issues, racial discrimination, and the lengthy amalgamation of cultures. The GIS activities included here are part of this larger collection of internment materials. In addition to the GIS activities the unit also includes more traditional primary and secondary resources including: letters, court records, government documents, newspaper articles & editorials, propaganda posters, political cartoons, art work, and photographs. The entire unit can be accessed on the web at: http://www.intimeandplace.org/Japanese_Internment/ Sample lesson materials are included, but teachers are encouraged to adapt the resources in the collection to best meet theirs and their students’ needs.

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