Investigating Historical and 1 Modern Tornado

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Summary: In this lesson, you will use ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Explorer Online and spatial analysis in 2 activities to investigate historical tornadoes across the USA, and 1 modern-day tornado, the one that occurred in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in April 2011. Objectives: Work with data and maps to understand the distribution and impact of tornadoes in the USA and the impact of a single tornado. Level: This activity can be used at a variety of levels from to secondary extending into university level. Activity: Can be run in a lab setting or with 1 computer and projector in a discussion-led investigation. Created: 3 May 2011 11:05 Mountain. Revised: 11 Jan 2012 with updated map notes, imagery, questions. Revised: 15 Mar 2012.

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