Guidelines for Editable Feature Services on Smartphones

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Produced for GIS day statewide in West Virginia, using an editable feature service and smartphone technology. Text below contains the link to the map. Attached notes on collecting with the smartphone provide a good model for other educators doing likewise. This demonstrates the power of the editable feature service and sparks some ideas for how teachers can use them in instruction. GIS Day is officially November 20, but I am kicking off our celebration today. You can find information about global celebrations of GIS Day here: Since we are all scattered around the state, I want to use the power of the internet and the ArcGIS Organization accounts to celebrate GIS Day! With the new online capabilities, we can now collect position data using smartphones and have the data collected in a single online map. I created a map this summer ( that will put all observations collected in a single map. I am asking teachers and students to go out and make observations - with a theme of just get outside and observe. Observations can be made of wildlife, the natural landscape, the built environment, or a weather event. Photos can be uploaded and the locations can be marked. I'm asking for County and School Initials to accompany the observation - andno other identifying information. There is also a space to write a paragraph that describes the observation (RLA - anyone?). I've attached a .pdf of instructions for using the ESRI app to collect points. Observations can also be added through a web browser on a computer using the EDIT button in the map viewer. This is a great activity for the week before Thanksgiving, and perhaps to try out a little BYOD in your classroom.

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