Georeferencing Historic Maps with ArcGIS

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Bangor, ME

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: What did Bangor or your community look like 50 years ago, 100 years ago, and even 200 years ago? Where there bridges connecting Bangor with Brewer? Where was the economic heart of the city? How large was the city? Where are the old cemeteries? With ArcGIS we can map changes in Bangor’s landscape through time. We can see that most streets are still here, some have been cut, widened or completely destroyed. Most early buildings are gone and some cemeteries are long forgotten. ArcGIS allows us to import old map images and give coordinates from a layer that is already referenced to the surface of the earth, this gives the historic map a corresponding location. Georeferenicng allows us to compare historic maps with contemporary maps with few errors in distance, shape and direction.

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