Geocaching: Quest for the Boulder Missing Map

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This activity was established to illustrate the types of questions that could be posed in setting up and running a geocaching course. This course was set up and run for the annual International Map Trade Association conference in Boulder Colorado USA, but the ideas presented could be adapted for any local area. The course includes 21 questions. Mission (Fictitious): Find the missing map made by Arab cartographer Al-Idrisi (1099-1166) entitled "The Gardens of Humanity and the Amusement of the Soul."

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0 out of 50 stars from 1 reviews
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David Runneals

This was a VERY FUN activity led by the creator (Joseph). He didn't mark the points, instead he used Northing and Easting (which I suggest because it is more fun!)!! It was EXTREMELY FUN. THANK YOU JOSEPH!!!