Geocaching: Learning About Transportation Then/Now

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This activity was established to illustrate the types of questions that could be posed in setting up and running a geocaching course. This course was set up and run at the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado USA, for the annual GIS in the Rockies conference. However, the ideas presented here could be adapted for any local area and theme. The course includes 25 virtual geocaches and 1 “official” geocache (set up by geocachers and recorded in or an equivalent site). Clockwise and counterclockwise routes are set up so that the teams are not all searching for the same geocache at the same time. Your Attention Please: Ron Robinson and Angela Azimuthal helped establish Denver in 1858 along the South Platte River. Their canoe overturned and they received a nasty knock on their collective heads. They have just awakened and found themselves in the 21st Century. Can you help them understand the landscape and transportation modes of modern-day Denver? Your Mission: Be the first to find 1 “real” geocache and 25 virtual geocaches and answer 42 challenging questions.

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