Geocaching: Aliens Land At Denver City Park

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This activity was established to illustrate the types of questions that could be posed in setting up and running a geocaching course. This course was set up and run at Denver City Park, Colorado USA, for the annual GIS in the Rockies conference, but could be adapted for any local area or any local theme. The “aliens” theme is fictitious and is meant to illustrate that these Geocaching courses can be set up in a fun yet educational manner. A clockwise and a counterclockwise version are included to serve a large number of participants, to avoid having every participant trying to find the same geocache at the same time. An answer key is included, which you may wish to withhold from the participants until they have completed the course. Participants will learn about history, geography, culture, and mathematics through this course. This course includes one benchmark; the remainder are virtual geocaches (objects already on the ground—trees, rocks, sculptures, signs, and the like). What: Your Attention Please: Aliens Magembe Mercator, Pete Peters, Anita Azimuthal, and Roberta Robinson landed at the USGS Benchmark east of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Can you help them discover and explore Planet Earth for the first time?

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