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The Gardens of Humanity and the Amusement of the Soul: Quest for the Missing Map: Heil Ranch, Boulder County Description: This 23-question geocaching activity at the Heil Ranch in Boulder Colorado was created to foster interest in geocaching, GPS, GIS, web mapping, and fieldwork. The course map can also be found on ArcGIS Online: Mission: Al-Idrisi(أبو عبد الله محمد الإدريسي), Arab cartographer and geographer living in Sicily at the court of King Roger II, in 1154, made a large, south-oriented mappa mundi of 400 Kg pure silver and precisely recorded on it all 7 continents. This world map was used in Europe for centuries to come, including by Columbus. An expanded edition was produced in 1161 entitled The Gardens of Humanity and the Amusement of the Soul, but all copies of it have been lost. Maria Mercator and Anthony Azimuthal were on a quest to find a copy of The Gardens of Humanity. They heard that some creative people would be gathering at the Heil Ranch in Boulder, and felt sure that these learners would be able to find it. Clutching their only clue—a frayed chad from a 1948 Esso Map from a restroom on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, they set out. Maria and Anthony set their GPS receivers to latitude-longitude decimal degree position format and set the datum to WGS84 horizontal datum. The Esso map contained coordinates of places that would help them unravel the mystery.

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