Exploring The Titanic with GIS

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North Atlantic

Students use the geographic perspective and GIS tools to learn about latitude and longitude, map projections, ocean currents, databases, maps, and images, through the analysis of the route, warnings, sinking, rescue, and discovery of the ocean liner Titanic. Students consider the human and physical aspects of the 1912 maiden voyage in the North Atlantic Ocean at a variety of scales, from global to local. They use history and mathematics in a geographic context. Students analyze how the sinking of the Titanic influenced shipping routes and its 1985 discovery. Students apply geography to interpret the past.

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0 out of 50 stars from 1 reviews
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Exploring the Titanic With GIS
Joseph Kerski

Good point - You can still use the data as unprojected. I created this in ArcView 3 when you didn't need a projection and was trying to keep it simple for folks to use. Will revisit and create projection files for the data; which is all in World Geographic WGS 84.