Exploring 10 Landscapes

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In this lesson, you will use ArcGIS Explorer Online to investigate 11 topographic map features and their surrounding landscapes. Objectives: Work with topographic maps, including features, elevation, measurement, and other aspects of these maps to understand physical and cultural processes and the results of those processes. Software: As ArcGIS Online runs entirely online, all you need is a Web browser. May be prompted for Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. Level: 5 Questions for 11 landscapes = 55 questions total. Students need to be familiar with topographic maps and some basics of physical and cultural geography to most effectively use this lesson. Table of Contents: Landscape 1: Sand Dunes, Landscape 2: Karst, Landscape 3: Eskers, Landscape 4: Plate Tectonics. Landscape 5: Swamp, Landscape 6: Glaciers, Landscape 7: Rivers, Landscape 8: Railroad-Influenced Towns, Landscape 9: Modified Coastlines, Landscape 10: Volcanoes, Landscape 11: Protected Areas. Activity: Students can work independently or in groups through each of the 10 activities. They could choose one of the 11 areas featured to construct a written report and/or an oral presentation to the class about the area they select. Revised 19 August 2011 with improvements and answer key. Updated: 11 May 2012.

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0 out of 50 stars from 1 reviews
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Great Lesson

This lesson is great for my Physical Geography students because it covers several major landscape types as well as topographic maps all while using the great resource of ArcGIS Explorer Online. The recent update with answer key ensures fair grading of the lesson as well. Thanks so much for sharing!