Deeper Dive in ArcGIS Online: Layers, Maps, Notes

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Core Functionality: Editable layers, popups, multimedia, added Thematic Layers. 4:30 Let's examine one ArcGIS Online map to illustrate some core functionality. Here is the My Content area. I signed into my ArcGIS Online account. I created a lesson about analyzing ecoregions in Colorado and I use ArcGIS Online to teach that lesson. The data set is from the US Forest Service and I uploaded a set of ground-based photographs I had taken at certain points in Colorado. Let's search for it. Here it is. I'm going to open it in the AGOL map viewer and add a legend. Students examine each ecoregion's characteristics: The characteristics of water, climate, vegetation, landforms, land use, using the map and photographs. The map is stored in the ArcGIS Online environment -- think of it as your GIS cloud. You already use other services in the cloud: Facebook, Google Drive, Picasaweb, Dropbox. You use ArcGIS Online from an ordinary web browser as I am doing here, no log in required at this point. I could look for "by point owner:jjkerski" for my map. The owner lets me quickly find certain content providers. I am not even signed in. You can find this map as well. You can also access ArcGIS Online on a mobile device such as a smartphone. If you want to save your maps, you need an Esri global ID and a free account in ArcGIS Online. In this window, I have logged into my ArcGIS Online account. You can see the content I have stored here: One of the items is this Colorado ecoregions map. ArcGIS Online also allows you to share maps with others - other people in your group, and that group can be your Physical Geography 301 course or other educators teaching AP Human Geography, for example, or with everyone with a web browser. I have shared my Colorado ecoregions map with Everyone. How did I create this map? I added the pushpins by creating an editable layer. See this map notes layer? I added text to each popup, and linked to websites and photographs. Any data I am linking to has to be online; it cannot be on my local computer, including my photographs; See the URL of one of my photographs here. If I click on the photo, it pops me to this URL, which is a movie filmed at that site. The data linked to have to be be on a website or in your Picasaweb, Flickr, Dropbox, Windows Live, etc area as long as thefolders containing them are publicly accessible. I started with the ecoregions map and added my own content as an editable feature service. Then, I saved this map into my own account in ArcGIS Online and shared it with you all, and that's why you can see it. Simple as that.

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