Deeper Dive ArcGIS Online: Publishing from Within

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Publishing Data from Within ArcGIS Online. 6:15 You don't even need ArcGIS for Desktop to publish services, maps, and other things. Let me illustrate briefly here but again, we'll need another webinar to give it justice. I am signed into an AGOL organizational account. In "my content" I can use the add button to add services. If I didn't know what kind of items I could add, I could list the supported items, as shown here. An extensive list here, because much is supported. My content is a zipped shapefile. Populating the metadata is important: You want your data users to be able to find your data and you also want to be able to find it in the future! It creates the service with the title I gave it. Let's add this layer to the AGOL map viewer. We have a nice AGOL base map and the data we added with the full attributes that we populated in ArcGIS for Desktop. Change the symbols to color, on count, and quantile for the same number of observations in each category, and lighten the weight of the polygon boundaries. Now I can see the "I" data behind each town and the pattern of Lyme disease in the 1990s. To recap, that was generated from within "My Content". We added a zipped shapefile to My Content, published it, and shared it. We opened it in ArcGIS Online and changed the symbology. Switching to My Content, it is not shared by default, so make sure you share it with everyone or your group if you wish others to see it. Let's open it in ArcGIS Desktop now, version 10.1. Let's change the symbology to graduated color, on count. Examine the attributes for each town and Lyme disease occurrence each year. In ArcGIS for Desktop I have more tools that i can run on that data: clustering, spatial statistics, I can create a raster surface from it. You can move back and forth between desktop and online. Wonderful.

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