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Esri Maps for Office 7:30 Using an ArcGIS Online organizational account, you can also take advantage of a wonderful set of tools called Esri Maps for Office. Esri Maps for Office allows you to create maps from Microsoft Excel files. Fantastic! Let me demonstrate. I have a data set of the best and worst run states in the USA that I want to map. Obviously, "best" and "worst" are subjective terms, and students would be wise to read the metadata about what measures used to compile their listing, from Standard & Poor's, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, and other sources. I have the Esri Maps for Office add-in loaded, I have MS Office 2010, and I am signed into an ArcGIS Online organizational account. Here is the website with the data and here is my spreadsheet that I keyed in. My data has a locational component (state) along with other variables. I can create a map from the data, symbolize it, here on state rank although I could use the other variables I input as well, such as unemployment, and I can publish it to ArcGIS Online. That data could just as well have been street addresses or latitude-longitude coordinates, countries, or anything else with a locational component. Insert Map: Add Excel data. Select the range for the data set. Here, by US State. Add data to map. I want to map on state rank. Style. Grouping. I want to group on Rank. I change the color so the best states are in red and the worst are in blue. On my new map, I can see patterns (north central, AK, VT, VA) along with the data. I can also publish the map. Adding metadata is important so I and my data users can find it later. Share map. View published map. Here is my map on ArcGIS Online. Open it in AGOL map viewer. There is my ranking; here i can add more metadata details. If I look at My Content, here is my new AGOL map and my original CSV. Think about other data in Excel that you can map! Immense possbility. You can also embed these maps into MS PowerPoint slides! Let me demonstrate: In my Excel file, create a slide. Give it a title and enlarge the map. Super! Save the PowerPoint. Present it! Yeah! You folks want a deeper dive, right? I have created a static map on a slide. Esri Maps tab in Powerpoint: Add map slides. Search for maps: Search for Best in my organization. Add my best and worst run states. Open. Make it dynamic is checked. Super! Create map slide. Give it a title. Let's add a map key. I have a button that makes it dynamic. Show the slide from current slide. Inside the slide, we now have full control over zooming, panning, etc. .. the map is now dynamic and can be examined in more detail. Ahhh! Fantastic. To recap: The first slide shows a static map. The second shows a dynamic map. You can make slides using ArcGIS Online inside PowerPoint and even more powerfully, you can map your Excel data.

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