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Editable Feature Services 7:54 Our last activity is a brief tour of creating and using editable feature services. Earlier we made a feature service of the historical electoral data. Let's say you wanted your students to EDIT the data layer that you have placed online. For example, if they were in the field, they could all add data to one common map that would be automatically updated. Or in the classroom where you ask the students to identify the countries where their electronics they own are from, or their clothing, or the food that they ate today. Think of this as crowdsourcing your fieldwork, or, said in another way, this is collaborative citizen science in action. Here is a map in ArcGIS Online that my colleagues and I created for a teacher professional development institute. Each teacher added tree height, species, and condition via the ArcGIS app on their smartphones while in the field, as well as a photo they took in each location. If we look at the legend, you can see that we confined the data to 3 types of trees. I will now change the base map and we can see the tree types, and the attachments of photos we took there. The map automatically updated while we were in the field. While we were in the field, the edit button was here. Once the data was captured, we turned off the edit function. You can also collect data when you are in the classroom or office. For example: Here is a map I set up for an online spatial thinking course I taught this fall. Instead of just asking the course participants to respond in a text-based forum where they were from and what they taught, I asked them to add this data to an online map. The map runs an editable feature service just like the one we looked at earlier. See the edit button? Here is the point I added, showing our Esri office in Denver. Here is the national distribution of course participants. I can change the symbols, say, based on content area taught. I can add to it right now: I will add a point in Redlands California: Let's say I teach math at the Esri HQ. Now it is part of my data set. It is editable until I turn off edit function. How do you set up an editable feature service? My colleague Charlie Fitzpatrick created a detailed set of step by step instructions on I created this in ArcGIS For Desktop. I set up a few domains, which specify the parameters for each field; for example the subject matter. Here is my template inside ArcMap, which contains these domains and the field names. Then: Share as - - service. Goes to AGOL cloud, and then you can make it editable. Excellent. Briefly, under description of the contents for this geodatabase, I have a few domains set up. Coded values are the acceptable ones for content area; same with gender. The power comes on the other end because it makes it easier for your data users to select the attributes, especially on small mobile devices such as smartphones. Editable feature services: Easy to set up and very powerful. This is only a tiny part of the deeper part of the pool, but I hope that this deeper dive plants some ideas as to how YOU can be more fully using all that ArcGIS Online has to offer to deepen critical and spatial thinking in your students.

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