Core Tenets of GIS in Education

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This document is intended to be used as guidelines for those conducting professional development events involving Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies (GPS, Remote Sensing, web-mapping). These professional development events include hands-on workshops and institutes in face-to-face mode and via online courses, for educators at all levels of education, both formal and informal, worldwide. It may also be useful in teaching with GIS where students range in age from youth to adult. This document does not pretend to give every bit of advice on conducting GIS classes and training events, but it is hoped that these elements are helpful. For more guidance on teaching with GIS, network with the GIS education community via, the Ed-GIS listserv (, with mentors via, with local and regional educators, and via other means. Contents and Page Numbers: A. Strategies for Conducting a Successful GIS Training Event - 1, B. GIS Training Core Messages - 7, C. Modeling Best Educational Practices - 9, D. Career Connections - 10, E. GIS Technology Messages - 11, F. Teaching with GIS and Teaching With GIS: Philosophies - 11, G. Materials and Hardware - 12, H. Lab Preparation - 13, I. 20 Considerations in Setting Up Your Own Training - 16, J. Top 10 GIS Skills - 17, K. Top 10 Educational Skills in using GIS - 18. Revised May 2011. Revised October 2013 - Bring Your Own Device, smartphone applications, ArcGIS Online, and other updates.

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