Comparing Smartphone Apps and GPS Data

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Mt Evans Outdoor Education Lab School: This map was created for 2 different purposes: 1. Illustrating how you could build your own ArcGIS Online map for your school campus, nature center, park, or other educational facility. This map can be updated by faculty and students over time, improving it but also adding new data to it; and comparing change over time and with different seasons. I created this using several different means, including (1) creating features on an editable layer by drawing on the ArcGIS Online map itself; (2) collecting data (points and lines as tracks, and waypoints) on a GPS receiver; (3) collecting tracks via smartphone apps, including RunKeeper and Motion X GPS. Smartphone used: iPhone 4 (dating from 2010). (3) Adding multimedia (photos, text, and video) to selected points. 2. Comparing the spatial accuracy of different data collection methods (smartphone Runkeeper App, smartphone Motion X GPS app, and GPS Garmin receiver, geotagged imagery from smartphone) with trails mapped, points of interests mapped, multimedia (photos, videos). This was particularly important in the case of this location because it is located in mountainous terrain and is covered by tall pines and spruce trees. Both of these factors cause a loss of GPS signals in most data collection devices and a consequent compromising of the accuracy of the positions gathered.

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