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A set of 6 choropleth maps in quiz format can be used to foster spatial thinking and discussion in the classroom. for example, the first question presents a map with these choices: Is the map (1) The amount of land in farms, (2) Percent of the total population living in communities < 5,000 population, or (3) Soybean acreage? These maps were created in ArcGIS with a data frame for the 48 states, a data frame for Alaska, and a data frame for Hawaii. Use these quizzes for ideas to create your own quizzes with different variables, or with imagery, or for world countries, provines in Mexico or Canada, counties, or any other area where you can obtain data.

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0 out of 50 stars from 4 reviews
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My Opinion of the Choropleth Quiz
Brandon Penn

This quiz activity requires that you analyze the data and evaluate as to which theme or topic it would apply to. Although it was somewhat vague, it invokes other thought processes such as associating various types of data with certain characteristics on the map. I would recommend this activity for those teaching, or interested in Geography.

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Wendell Fleming

I think it was well thought out and planned. Its also a very interesiting and educational quiz.

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Tyrice Amos

This quiz is very educational. And helpful to beggining students

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Quiz Choropleth
Breauna Bourne

This is a very good quiz for testing what sudents really know. It is simple and to the point.