Central and South America Earthquake Investigation

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Central/South America

Students use GIS together with the tools and data from the Central and South America Global GIS CD to investigate earthquakes, volcanoes, and population from a local to global scale. The lessons can be used with other data in the Global GIS project to investigate earthquakes in other continents. Furthermore, the methods used here can be applied to other map themes contained within the Central and South America Global GIS CD. This lesson includes 137 question in 7 parts: Part 1—What’s Shakin’? Part 2—Digging Deeper Part 3—The 1960 Chile Earthquake Part 4—Investigating Your Community Part 5—Earthquakes Everyday Part 6—Analyzing Recent Earthquakes Part 7—Earthquakes Respect No Boundaries The USGS and the American Geological Institute (AGI) have partnered to make the USGS GIS database readily available to educators and the general public in the form of a CD and DVD based world atlas. The USGS Global GIS database contains a wealth of USGS and other public domain data, including global map layers of elevation, landcover, seismicity, and resources of minerals and energy at a scale of 1:1 million. The GIS, which is run on the included ESRI ArcView Data Publisher software, is produced both by region on seven CD-ROM’s and on a single DVD. To order the CDs or DVD, visit the American Geological Institute's web site: http://www.agiweb.org/pubs/globalgis/ For more information on the Global GIS Project visit: http://webgis.wr.usgs.gov/globalgis/ and http://www.agiweb.org/pubs/globalgis/description.html

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