Central America and World Demography Investigation

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Central/South America

Students use GIS to investigate population and its characteristics around the world with an emphasis on Costa Rica and Central America. Students investigate population and life indicators with the tools and data from the regional Module 4 from the book Mapping Our World: Geographic Lessons for Educators by Lyn Malone, Anita Palmer, and Christine Voigt. The methods used here can be applied to other map themes contained within the Mapping Our World data set and in other geographic inquiry using GIS. http://gis.esri.com/esripress/display/index.cfm?fuseaction=display&websiteID=99 This lesson is an illustration of how to tailor a lesson from Mapping Our World, or any GIS workbook/text, to an educator’s personal goals and needs in the classroom. This lesson was written for the ArcView 3 version but can also be used in the ArcGIS 9 environment. The only difference will be some menu changes.

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