T3G Institute

Teachers Teaching Teachers Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS Institute
Sun July 17 – Fri July 22, 2016
(8th Annual T3G)
Esri, Inc. Headquarters
Redlands, California 

What's T3G?

T3G is a professional development event for educators and education influencers who help other educators learn why and how to use GIS. Through modeling, practice, discussion, and networking, participants boost their skills in teaching with computers, in problem-based learning, in conducting professional development, and in using GIS.

Who conducts T3G?

T3G is staffed by Esri personnel and renowned outside educators, creating a squad with decades of collected experience in helping formal and informal educators learn how to teach with GIS in a wide array of settings.

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Who attends T3G?

T3G hosts educators from public and private institutions, elementary schools to four-year colleges, districts, state education agencies, national education organizations, parks, museums, and libraries. See a map of past attendees.

Who can apply to participate?

T3G participants should already be comfortable with (a) problem-based learning, (b) teaching with computers, and (c) leading professional development for educators. All participants will build skills using ArcGIS Online during T3G, but it is important to have the basics in place at the start. The prerequisite course is essential, and required for application.

What do T3G attendees do afterwards?

Upon completion of T3G, participants are expected to conduct PD events about the use of GIS in education; serve as "local experts" for states, districts, and schools; and stay engaged with the GIS education community.

Are any lessons available from past T3G events?

Educators and providers of professional development should see these materials:

If you have questions regarding this event, please email to:  t3g-institute@esri.com.