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Q: Is GeoMentor different from GIS Day? Can I do both?

A: Yes, and yes! GIS Day has been around for a decade, and many people have run very successful GIS Day events. GIS Day offers GIS users a chance to share information and ideas about GIS. The GeoMentor program is about practitioners of geography establishing a longer-term interaction with an educator, adopting their school, club, museum class, or other group, and helping them learn about the power of geography and the value of GIS technology. Both programs are valuable, but they are different.

Q: Is there a fee to be or to have a GeoMentor?

A:  No. The GeoMentor Program is a service that offers suggestions and seeks stories, on a voluntary basis.

Q: Do I have to be in the United States to participate in the GeoMentor program?

A: No. The GeoMentor program is open to people anywhere. The text at and in many linked resources is in English, but individuals can access and use the content outside the United States, subject to relevant controls.

Q: I live in an isolated location. How can a GeoMentor help me?

A: Many GeoMentors are comfortable providing assistance over the Internet. While face-to-face interaction is useful, the most important element in this partnership is communication.

Q: Do I need to agree to interaction requests about GeoMentoring?

A: No. Being or having a GeoMentor is a voluntary choice.

Q: Can I be a GeoMentor to someone and also have my own GeoMentor?

A: Yes! Many educators have enough background to be effective GeoMentors yet still desire some advanced assistance. In this situation, an educator should register both as a GeoMentor and as an educator in search of a GeoMentor.

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