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What Does It Take to be a GeoMentor?

  1. Vision –Understanding geography helps people make good decisions. GeoMentors must be able to share their experience in geographic thinking to foster such growth for others.

  2. Commitment – Being a GeoMentor means sharing capacity over multiple sessions. This is a relationship. Successful mentoring is a partnership, which takes time.

  3. Willingness to Learn & Share – Mentoring means understanding. Mentors must listen and observe enough to know "What does this educator need?" Mentors need to talk with the educator and learn what will help.

  4. Excitement – Mentors must be excited, remembering the thrill of early maps, the glee of GPS dots appearing within a GIS display, the fascination in a local aerial photo. Recreate that for someone, and experience it all over again!

A GeoMentor shares experience using GIS

What Does it Take to be a Partner of a GeoMentor?

A GeoMentor shares experience with GPS
  1. Communication – Having a mentor means saying "This is what's important, to me and our youth, and this is what I need most." Like any partnership, mentoring relies on honest communication.

  2. Willingness to Learn – Mentors have used some powerful tools and exciting ideas. Youth can benefit tremendously from the GeoMentor, if educators are open to exploring geography. Educators must model the insatiable lifelong learner and want to see young people develop technical skills.

  3. Commitment – GeoMentors have passion for maps and GIS. They want to know that partners have as much passion for learning a new way of seeing!

  4. Vision – Having a GeoMentor means you recognize the ways in which geography matters, and want to share that with students of all ages. Youth, community, and the planet will all benefit from geographic vision.