The GeoMentor Program

AAG is now supporting the GeoMentor program, visit the site at:

GIS professionals can help educators and students learn to use GIS. A GeoMentor is a volunteer who can help a teacher or youth club leader build capacity to help kids use GIS.

A GeoMentor works with an educator. Using tools of geography (such as digital or hardcopy maps), and even field work, the GeoMentor helps the educator and youth develop skills in geographic thinking.

Who can be a GeoMentor?

GeoMentors can be anyone who uses geography, recognizes the ways in which geography matters to us all, and has an interest in helping young people, including:

  • users of Geographic Information Systems
  • Mapmakers
  • city and regional planners
  • Local government workers
  • Utility industry workers
  • Transportation people
  • Storymap
  • Health care staff and social workers
  • Architects and engineers
  • Farmers, foresters, and fishermen
  • Safety and security people
  • Homemakers
  • Anyone who recognizes that where things are, and how they relate to other things, influences our lives

How can an educator benefit?

A classroom teacher or leader of an informal education group can benefit by developing his or her own skills, getting support problems solved, and providing youth with powerful new opportunities that foster long-term skills. And everyone will benefit from a more engaged citizenry.

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