Event: Teaching the Environment


October 1, 2013October 1, 2013
Broomfield, Colorado United States
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Colorado Association for Environmental Education
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Webinar: Spatial Environmental Education- Teaching EE Online and in the Field with Web Maps Date/Time: Tuesday, October 1, 3:00-4:00pm MT Join Geographer and Educator Dr Joseph Kerski as we explore why and how to teach Environmental Education with today's web mapping technologies! These technologies, such as ArcGIS Online (www.arcgis.com/home) allow your students to: • collect data in citizen science mode via probes, smartphones, and GPS receivers in the field, • allow you and your students to map and analyze the patterns from your field-collected data, • and analyze land use change, coastal erosion, and other environmental issues from local community greenways to world ecoregions, and everything in between. Map your spreadsheets in an instant, and integrate video, text, and photograph to communicate the results of your investigations. The maps you create using this platform are on the web, so no software is required beyond a web browser, and the maps can be easily changed and shared.