Informal Education Listserv

The Informal Education community primarily communicates through the INFORMALED-L listserv. GIS in informal education resources, including additional listserv information are available here.


This moderated list was created for the ESRI informal education user community. It provides an opportunity to post information and questions related to using Esri GIS in after-school and informal settings. This includes questions about the use of all of ESRI's software products, curriculum, pedagogy, lab set up and program development and support. Use INFORMALED-L to receive expertise/advice from other users of our software and discuss related GIS procedures and data in education. Please remember INFORMALED-L is not a general GIS discussion list, nor intended for advertisements, "help-wanted" or resume postings, etc.

To subscribe to INFORMALED-L, send an email to - in the body of the email place the text: SUBSCRIBE INFORMALED-L

To unsubscribe from the list, send an email to the address above with the following text in the email body: UNSUBSCRIBE INFORMALED-L

You will receive a confirmation note that requires you to verify your email address. After approval, you will receive a welcome letter with additional information.

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