Professional Development

Two people using GIS on a computer

Success with GIS in education requires more than simply having access to the tools and data. Instructional materials and related resources are critical, but success is cultivated by a broader array of support options, including personal training and technical support.

Esri GIS Training
The Esri Training portal is your gateway to a broad range of opportunities via self-study (over the Web) and instructor-led learning (in many locations).

The site’s course catalog is a great way to begin to assess the breadth of content available. While many Web and all instructor-led classes carry a fee, there are many short courses (Web courses and training seminars) that are free.

If you are not sure where to start, the site also provides recommended courses based on your interests and skill needs.

Esri Press workbooks also play a key role in personal GIS training.

External GIS Training
The need for beginner and advanced training in the GIS education community is larger than opportunities Esri has designed. A growing number Esri partners, educators, and educational institutions provide other vital means for building personal GIS skills.  

Esri Customer Service and Technical Support
Getting up and running with Esri GIS technology includes installation and ongoing technical support.