Program: Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences

Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences

Program Types:
  • On Campus

The Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences is a professional program that is offered jointly by the School of Social Sciences and the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Geosciences, at the University of Texas at Dallas. The program focuses on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which combine software and hardware capabilities for managing spatially referenced information. Students are provided with the concepts underlying GIS, the skills for implementing GIS projects, and the ability to use GIS in pure or applied research in substantive areas. The curriculum incorporates the Certificate in GIS, thus offering a degree option to students seeking additional expertise in this area. Graduates of the program can apply their skills to public administration and policy analysis; public and safety criminology; emergency preparedness, environmental, and public works management; urban and regional, social service, and transportation planning and analysis; private sector business, especially marketing, site selection, and logistics; geophysical exploration, including petroleum; and real estate.