Program: Associate of Applied Science in GIS

Associate of Applied Science in GIS

Program Types:
  • On Campus

GIS is a computerized data base management system for capture, storage, retrieval, analysis, and display of geographic information. Along with general education, the GIS Program will provide students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to develop and manage Geographic Information projects and to interpret and implement GIS as a decision support system. A core sequence of ten GIS courses is offered which will enable students 1) to develop extensive theoretical and practical competencies relating to GIS; 2) develop foundational understanding and skills in the use of industry standard software; and 3) be able to demonstrate to employers the ability to perform GIS tasks and contribute to the solution of GIS problems. Students completing the A.A.S. Program in Geographic Information Systems will be well prepared to enter the field of GIS in a public or private environment, in such positions as GIS technician, surveying specialist, and database technician. Individuals currently working in this or a related field will substantially enhance their knowledge and skills.