Hacking and Developing GIS

People of all ages and skill levels can develop with GIS and code.

There are so many ways to start developing with GIS - from hackathons and APIs in your language of choice to geoprocessing with Python and the Esri Dev Summit.  Below are some starting points for coding or teaching coding to early learners of GIS and coding.

If you or your students are new to GIS or coding, try building a map-based webpage with the Esri JavaScript API.

If you or your students are more advanced, try coding for Mac OSX, Windows, Apple iOS, cross-platform Qt or the many other APIs and SDKs.  If you prefer Open Source options, learn more about Esri Leaflet (GitHub) and many other open source tools and libraries.

To find other coders, visit the Esri Resource Centers.

If you’re not yet in college, consider attending a university that is an Esri Development Center.