Career Development

A world of opportunity awaits youth developing skills with GIS. Many jobs use GIS extensively, but many more use GIS to a modest degree. See the vast array of people who use GIS. In addition, many higher education programs are available worldwide, allowing learners to study GIS, geography, cartography, or GIScience.

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See resources below: What is GIS and who uses it? | Standards & Certifications | Partners | GIS Jobs

  1. Esri EdCommunity Blog entries on Careers

    The Esri Education Community Blog has occasional entries that deal with careers that engage GIS. Read how formal and informal educators can help youth chart a course.

  2. Esri Industries

    Many industries use GIS extensively. Visit the Esri Industry pages to see the stories and opportunities for dozens of industries, each with many different jobs needing GIS.

  3. Esri Map Museum (Map Book Gallery)

    At the Esri International User Conference each year, users bring maps. A broad collection is assembled into a mapbook, with descriptions from users accompanying the maps. See the challenges being met by today's GIS users.


    Esri GIS Heroes

    GIS users in many different jobs are using their skills to help others around the world. Each issue of ArcNews describes a hero with a unique and powerful story.


    Video Profiles of GIS Users (Career Corner TV)

    Meet a city GIS manager, a conservationist, a helicopter pilot, and a health geographer. Follow the links to watch, listen, and read their stories or download a video.

  6. Geospatial Revolution Videos

    This series of videos about the geospatial revolution provides a powerful look at how geotechnology matters in a number of arenas.

  7. Geospatial Technology Competency Model

    The U.S. Department of Labor has approved this competency model generated by the GeoTech Center, in conjunction with industry and education leaders. The model shows capacities needed by workers in the industry.

  8. GIS in Career Clusters

    There are 16 broad career clusters, and GIS has a role to play in every one. Look at the clusters and match with the Esri Industries page and Esri MapMuseum.

  9. Certification in Esri Software

    Esri offers certification in its software, but this is primarily for people who have already been using the technology in work environment. Students should look first at DigitalQuest.

  10. Esri Partner DigitalQuest

    DigitalQuest offers classroom instruction materials that can provide Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes in high school or college the basic concepts and skills, plus industry focused content, leading to certification backed by college and government.

  11. Careers at Esri

    Esri offers a wide array of jobs in a variety of locations, and annually offers internships for college students. See the range of opportunities.

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