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    Climate Scientist [3:56 min]
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      Ned Gardiner - Climate Scientist
      The National Climatic Data Center keeps the world's largest climate data archive, and provides climatological analysis to every sector of the economy. And while climate change is one of the most debated topics on Planet Earth, the controversy has little to with the scientific data being collected. Its Ned Gardiner's job to take all that data and help us understand what it all means. Do not miss this incredible job shadowing experience!

    GIS Analyst-Forester [4:03 min]
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      Chris Ferner - Colorado State Forest Service
      Foresters and conservation scientists manage the use and development of forests, rangelands, and other natural resources. Among other things, these lands supply wood products. They serve as sites for recreational activities and provide habitats for wildlife and help sustain natural water systems. Some workers advise private landowners on the use and management of their land and many use geographic information system (GIS) technology to design and implement programs that make the land healthier and more productive.

    GIS Manager [3:29 min]
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      Ingrid Bruce, City of Rancho Cucamonga
      You probably know that Christopher Columbus proved the world wasn't flat. Well, even he would be surprised to discover the profound impact technology has had on geography. Ingrid Bruce demonstrates in 3D how GIS technology takes maps into a new dimension.

      Conservationist [4:12 min]
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        Michael Fay, Wildlife Conservation Society
        If traveling around the world, living in the wilderness, investigating geography, and literally saving the planet appeals to you, then you'll find Dr. Michael Fay's video fascinating. Check it out.

        Helicopter Pilot-Firefighter [4:15 min]
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          Steve Robinson, Los Angeles Fire Department
          You just can't keep a person like Steve down on the ground for long. He prefers to save lives and protect property while manning the skies. You'll also see how GIS technology helps him keep the public safe.

          Health Geographer [4:15 min]
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            Seth Wiafe, Loma Linda University
            Who would have thought that Geographic Technology could help save the planet from a health crisis. Seth Wiafe did, that's why he advises all public health professionals to think spatially.